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"My child said his experience was a 10 out of 10! His favorite things were hanging out with his friends, and playing all camp games. He can’t wait to be back next year."

- Mom of nine-year-old Base Camper


Every day is outside in one form or another - and due to the simple fact of sleeping and eating at the bottom of a hill, we are always active! Our facility and grounds naturally lead to lots of time on the water and playing games on our numerous fields. When it rains or is intensely hot, we have our large chestnut lodge with a covered wrap-around porch and attached dining hall for sheltered programming. But it’s important to note that even those areas, as well as our sleeping cabins, are extremely open air  - so we are constantly connected to outside! 



While camp is only an hour or two drive from several cities, our mountain location is remote enough that Base Camp gets zero cell service, and there's no wi-fi down the hill either! Screened devices stay at home, and staff has no need to consult devices in their daily life - leaving everyone present in the moment. While home life may be fast-paced and increasingly virtual, life at WA WA allows everyone to slow down and smell the lily pads! 


Small camp, BIG family! We build community by cultivating an affirming, safe space for campers and staff alike. Our space is beautiful, but feeling welcome to be yourself (sometimes for the first time) is where the real magic happens at WA WA! Many young people feel pressured in their daily life to be something they're not - but at camp, those pressures fall away and they have the space to discover their true self. The bonds of friendship that happen in this environment can be deep and long-lasting. 

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