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About Smith Park

The not-for-profit Smith Park incorporations exist to protect the land and to operate the program at Camp WA WA Segowea. Read below for some history and their mission statements. 

"My child said his experience was a 10 out of 10! His favorite things were hanging out with his friends, and playing all camp games. He can’t wait to be back next year."

- Mom of nine-year-old Base Camper

Smith Park Origins

The name “Smith Park” was selected by the Board of Directors of the Poughkeepsie YMCA for the 1928 land purchase in Southfield, Massachusetts in order to honor both William W. Smith II (their president from 1925-1929 and major donor of that site), and his grandfather, William W. Smith (president 1890-1896 and donor of the preceding camp site in Ancram, New York in 1913).  


The initials of both men, along with Andrew (William I's brother) and Arthur (William I's son and William II's father) are reflected in the name WA WA. All except William II were President of the original Smith Brothers Cough Drops at some point, which was the source of their philanthropic funds. 

Smith Park of MA

Smith Park of Massachusetts was incorporated in Massachusetts on March 5, 1931.

Smith Park of Massachusetts Inc. mission statement

The mission of Smith Park of MA is to ensure the continued existence of Camp WA WA Segowea. We will do this by acting as legal and practical custodians of the camp land and infrastructure; as well as upholding the vision and goals of Camp WA WA Segowea.

Smith Park of NY

Smith Park of New York was incorporated in New York on November 8, 1996.

Smith Park of New York Inc. mission statement

Smith Park of NY is devoted to the preservation and operation of Camp WA WA Segowea, the protection of its natural surroundings and historical integrity, and the continuation of traditional resident camping that improves the spiritual, mental, social, and physical attributes of young people in a supportive community. 

Please help us fulfill our mission by supporting Smith Park today.

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