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Welcome Back!

We're so glad you're with us! Read below for a welcome letter from our Camp Director, Lily Mercogliano!

Hello! I’m so excited to welcome your family, and in some cases welcome YOU back to Camp WA WA! It’s my hope that camp is an annual tradition, in one form or another, for your camper for their lifetime. 

As you know, camp offers an awesome camp experience for youth ages 7 to 16, and for families of all ages. We are a diverse and welcoming community that celebrates the incredible individuals that make up our camp circle.

As your child ages in our overnight programs they will have choices like Teen and Leadership Camp to consider. Please reach out to me if you have questions! We purposefully have a buffer year for entrance into these programs and don’t consider them strictly age based. 

Having a nurturing and safe camp experience is very important to our team! Please keep in touch during the off-season as your camper experiences life and health related changes. It’s very helpful for our team to know ahead of time if there’s been a significant event. I’m always available to discuss this if you’re unsure the best way to communicate these events.

Additionally, Nella Stoltz, our Healthcare Supervisor, is available during the off-season to review healthcare related concerns. Nella is a registered nurse practitioner who specializes in pediatrics and she has been with us for over ten years. She is extremely passionate about making the camp experience positive for all campers (her three children have all grown up, and now also have worked at camp!). 

I’ve been the Camp Director for the past seven years. I also grew up at Camp WA WA and worked at all levels of program staff roles until I graduated from college and started my career in teaching. This is a camp that I love deeply and I’m happy to answer questions and concerns as you continue your journey here! 

The easiest way to reach me is by emailing and scheduling an appointment. We are a non-profit camp and are run by a team of volunteers. I’m full-time in the summer and live onsite, however in the off-season I’m part-time and my office hours are typically Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Camping!

Lily Mercogliano

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