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Led by a passionate volunteer board, our non-profit camp offers many engaging volunteer opportunities! Help us maintain and enhance our camp while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow volunteers. Whether it's hands-on work during our Work Weekends or contributing your skills through committees and fundraising efforts, your support is crucial to keeping our camp thriving. We're eager to expand our network of helping hands and skilled professionals!

"Going out to Work Weekends in the Spring and Fall is a treasured tradition for our family. Getting to help get camp ready for campers to arrive is so exciting, and we love being able to use the waterfront and relax on the porch in between projects!"

- Camp parent and board member

Boys holding a frog


Ages: Any and All!

Become a part of something truly special by volunteering at WA WA Segowea. Our camp thrives on the generosity and dedication of volunteers like you, who are instrumental in maintaining and improving our facilities. Volunteering is a great opportunity for alumni to revisit memories, engage with old friends, and give back to the camp community. We also welcome newcomers who have never been to camp!

We welcome many types of volunteer contributions, such as attending Work Weekend activites, participating on a committee, assisting with fundraising, lending professional skills, and organizing larger volunteer efforts. Read below to learn more!

In joining our volunteer team, you're not just giving your time; you're enriching your life with new experiences, skills, and friendships, all while making a significant impact on our beloved summer camp. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to sign up today and be a part of our camp's story!

Work Weekends

Our Work Weekends offer flexible participation - you can join us for just one day or the entire weekend, sometimes with the option to stay overnight. We typically provide lunch, and depending on the schedule, other meals may be included too. During these weekends, volunteers engage in a variety of essential tasks such as setting up program areas, clearing roads and trails, assisting with meal preparation, maintaining trees, painting, and taking part in building projects. 

The best part of these work days is enjoying being with other people, outside at camp! Work weekends include meals, campfires, time for games and swimming and boating when the weather permits. 



Become an integral part of our camp's future by joining one of the WA WA Segowea Board Committees. Each committee plays a critical role in shaping the direction and success of our camp. Here's a glimpse into what each committee focuses on:

Finance Committee: 

If you have a knack for numbers and financial strategy, this committee is for you. Help oversee the camp’s financial health, budgeting, and financial planning to ensure we continue to thrive and grow sustainably.

Facility Committee: 

The Facility Committee oversees the upkeep and development of our campgrounds, buildings, and equipment. Your input can help create a safe, functional, and welcoming environment for all campers and staff. Members with engineering or architecture credentials, construction experience, or groundkeeping knowledge would make high-value additions to this committee. 

Program Committee: 

Have ideas for camp activities or educational programs? Join the Program Committee to shape the diverse array of activities, events, and educational experiences we offer. Your creativity and insight can directly impact the fun and learning experiences of our campers and staff.

Governance Committee: 

Ideal for those interested in policy and leadership, the Governance Committee focuses on the camp's overall structure and policies. This includes board nominations, compliance, and ensuring that the camp adheres to its mission and values.

Resource Development Committee: 

This committee is devoted to raising funds for a number of campaigns throughout the year. If you have experience with fundraising, or you're a social butterfly, this is the committee for you! See the section below for more information about our different campaigns. 

By joining one of these committees, you’ll not only contribute your skills and expertise but also gain a unique opportunity to impact the lives of countless campers and staff at camp. 


Fundraising Campaigns

Join the Resource Development Committee to ensure that WA WA Segowea continues to offer unforgettable experiences to campers by participating in our diverse fundraising campaigns. Each campaign plays a vital role in sustaining and enhancing our camp's offerings:

Annual Campaign (January - October): 

A year-long effort to support the ongoing needs and improvements of the camp. Contributions help us maintain the quality and accessibility of our programs. 

Get Kids to Camp - Annual Director’s Scholarship Drive (June): 

This special drive in June focuses on raising funds to provide scholarships for campers who otherwise might not be able to experience WA WA Segowea. 

Sustaining Heroes Campaign (April): 

Focused in April, this campaign celebrates and recruits recurring donors to our Annual Campaign. These Heroes help sustain robust cash flow year-round in this seasonal industry. 

Legacy Legends (January-December): 

A year-long initiative to encourage planned giving both in the form of Lifetime planned gifts (such as outright gifts, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable lead trusts), and planned gifts after one’s death (such as bequests in a donor’s last will and testament or naming the charity as the beneficiary of a trust, life insurance policy, or retirement account).

End of Year Campaign (November-December): 

As the year wraps up, this campaign gives a final push to meet our annual goals, ensuring that we step into the new year strong and ready for more camp adventures.

Your involvement in these campaigns, whether big or small, makes a significant difference. Together, we can ensure that WA WA Segowea remains a place where fun, learning, and growth are available to every child. Be a part of our mission to create lasting memories!

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