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COVID-19: Preparing for another safe and fun summer at Camp WA WA!

As Spring starts to peak out here in the Northeast, we are busy planning for summer and have some updates on enrollment and how we are responding to the coronavirus outbreak. I’m happy to share that we have crossed 50% capacity filled for this summer. Teen Camp for sessions 1 and 2 is almost full, and I anticipate a waiting list will start any day now. Base camp for those two sessions is also filling fast.  Session 3 still has plenty of bunks open and I encourage folks to check out that awesome week. This is all great news for our small camp! We are also still enrolling for our two adult and family programs: Altheisure Camp & Family Camp. We are excited to be holding such varied ways to get outside this summer! Thank you so much for helping to get the word out. We are so happy to see many campers returning and bringing new friends along for another epic season in the Berkshires.

We are also currently monitoring the spread of COVID-19 virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, and any potential impact on the summer. If you click HERE, you will be brought to the State of Massachusetts website that includes information on what your family can do today to prepare for this virus. The CDC is another place for up to date information from anywhere in the country. As you have probably heard, washing your hands regularly for at least 30 seconds (sing "Happy Birthday" twice!), staying home if sick, and covering any sneezes or coughs, are all strong practices to incorporate at home in order to aid in prevention.   In regards to this summer, please know that Nella, our Health Care Supervisor, and I, along with our Board of Directors at Smith Park, keep the health and safety of our campers at the very forefront of our minds at all times when preparing for camp, and during the summer.  As a camp licensed by the state of Massachusetts, we are already required to have an infectious disease policy in place and we work closely with the State of MA Department of Health each season to make sure our campers are healthy and protected while at camp. As summer approaches, we will take instructions from the department of health in regards to any and all approaches needed in response to the coronavirus.  Nella and I are actively reviewing our health screening, check-in protocol, hand-washing and sanitizing systems, and other policies and procedures at camp to improve for this summer.  We are partnering with ACA New England, who have a strong presence in the region and work alongside the American Camp Nursing Association to give guidance for best practices for health standards at camp. We are fortunate to have our camp located in a state with so many summer camps- our support system is robust and allows us to provide phenomenal safe experiences in the summer. I encourage families to be in touch with any specific questions or concerns at this time. A new update about this summer and coronavirus will be sent via email on May 1, if not sooner, after we meet with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for our annual Spring Massachusetts Camping Association policies and licensing review. We are confident that our partners in public health will be doing everything possible to assist us in having a safe summer.  We continue to be very excited about the chance to spend summer outside in nature. Just yesterday it was warm enough for our facilities committee to work at camp on our new handicap accessible bathroom in our multi purpose cabin, Hart Lodge. Things are moving along! And please keep sharing about our programs with your friends and family, there are many great memories to be made and we want to make sure we are reaching everyone that needs some Camp WA WA magic this summer. 


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