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Not Camp Camp

Small Camp, Big Family

Summer 2020 is going to be a bit different, but to keep staff, campers, parents and new friends connected during our first summer of not being able to offer in-person programming, we are getting together on-line on Wednesdays and over the weekend.


Camp Wa Wa is a rustic, traditional camping program located in the Berkshires. Our programs are completely unplugged and outdoors on our 450 acre property in Southfield, MA. With a private lake, a row of 92 year old cabins, a giant lodge and so many amazing spots in the woods, Smith Park brings endless joy to our long summer days.

WWS Not Camp Camp is the remote camp program of Camp Wa Wa Segowea for campers ages 8-16. This program can be accessed from anywhere there's WiFi and the Wa Wa spirit.

So, this online programming is NOT CAMP

But Camp WA WA is also a community of people. Each summer we end our sessions by remembering that more than anything, Camp WA WA is a light that shines on in our camp people. We bring that light home with us and it keeps burning for the year. This year we need to keep it burning for two years. 

Therefore, this IS still CAMP....... its NOT CAMP CAMP

WWS Not Camp, Camp is four types of remote resources that our campers, staff, parents, and new friends that they invite to try out Camp WA WA, can use to access the joys of camp while staying in their own communities this summer. 

Just like our summer programs at Camp WA WA Segowea, WWS Not Camp, Camp will be a relaxed environment where young people can be seen, heard and valued. Our activities will inspire laughter and joy. We will offer opportunities to choose your own challenges and grow. 

Programs will be flexible, and intended to complement other summer activities not fill the day with online activities. 

What activities will be available at NOT CAMP CAMP

For Summer 2020, WWS Not Camp, Camp will offer four programs for our families. Registration is required. These programs will be free. Donations to support the work will be accepted and greatly appreciated. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL PROGRAM CALENDAR

WA WA Wednesdays (July)- ZOOM:

nteractive activity choices led by counselors. Activities will be 30-45 minutes long. Examples include tutorials, games, magic the gathering. 

WA WA Weekends (July)

Friday Night Movies (various platforms - families choose)

Saturday Evening Activities-ZOOM

5 Saturday night family activities led by trained staff. Activities will include game shows, trivia and other large group activities that are 1-1.5 hours long and easily accessible for a variety of ages. Held on zoom or zoom webinar (perhaps with Kahoots for games, we're exploring other plugins for movies). 

BONUS Activities: Opening Camp Fire at the beginning (Maybe Sunday, June 28?), Banquet at the end, Friday, July 31. 

WA WA Rainy Days - Youtube

Series of videos + written resources on the website that parents and older campers can use to guide activities for rainy days or to support local community activities (like a socially distanced field day, sing down at home, camp cooking classes…).CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Hike Challenge

Get outside and hike 11 miles in July. Send us proof and we'll send you a prize.


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