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Why We Give…

The idea of giving back is central to the “WA WA Way,” our unwritten code of how we treat each other, and our beloved camp, when we are at Camp WA WA Segowea (and hopefully, when we are out in the wider world too!).

We all participate in chores every day, and we all extend the gift of friendship to our fellow campers. We also keep in mind that camp is home to wildlife for the entire year and we are only guests during the summer, a notion that requires we give our furry friends and local fauna both space and respect at all times!

And we extend the camp experience to as many campers as possible each year, regardless of financial ability to cover all of the costs of a camp session.

Smith Park of New York, Inc., the non-profit organization that runs Camp WA WA Segowea, gives generous “Campership” scholarships ranging from over $1,000 to $100 to meet the needs of our families. In 2017 Smith Park gave out over $25,000 in Camperships to 36 campers! This year our program capacity has expanded, and over 40 campers have applied for campership support to attend camp.

We continue the tradition of “Campership” scholarships because we know that every camper that comes to Camp WA WA will give back in one way or another. And with this in mind we celebrate each and every camper that makes the effort to attend for the very first time or return for another year!

Starting this Monday, June 18, we are launching our second annual “Director’s Drive”- a special fund intended to get our final campers to camp this summer! You can donate to the Camp WA WA Director’s Fund via our fundraiser on Facebook HERE or directly through our paypal account found HERE.

I will give generously to the Camp WA WA Director’s Drive because I was once a kid who needed campership in order to attend and I want all campers to have the same chance to experience Camp WA WA! I hope you will give generously too!

With Love,

Lily Mercogliano Easton

Camp Director, WWS ‘93


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