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Teen Camp

An immersive overnight adventure designed specifically for teens. Embark on multi-day hikes along the iconic Appalachian Trail, explore the beauty of our surrounding areas with exhilarating day excursions, and cap it off with a scenic canoe journey on local waters. A perfect blend of challenge, exploration, and fun awaits!

"My daughter left her 2 week camp session crying the whole car ride home saying that she wanted to stay for the whole summer. If that doesn't speak for itself, then I don't know what does."

- Parent of a Teen Camper

Boys holding a frog


Ages: 13-16

Teen Camp is a step up for campers who've completed seventh grade, offering a blend of adventure, challenge, and fun. This program extends beyond the familiar Base Camp activities, taking teens on exciting day trips and hikes, including ventures on the Appalachian Trail, located just 10 miles from our camp. Tailored for different abilities and interests, these hikes can range from 2-4 days, covering 6-20 miles, and are perfect for beginners to backpacking.

And for those who might not be able to hike, don't worry! An alternative program is available, ensuring everyone has an unforgettable experience. Families are encouraged to speak to the Camp Director in advance with any specialized questions!

While incorporating beloved Base Camp favorites like Carnival and Arcade Night, Teen Camp also introduces unique team-building activities and special events designed to inspire and challenge these older campers.

Join Teen Camp for a journey of exploration, friendship, and unforgettable memories!

Multi-Day Hikes

The highlight of the Teen Camp program is Multi-Day Hikes on the Appalachian Trail (AT). Our camp is conveniently located less than 10 miles from the AT, offering easy access to numerous starting points for 2-3 day hiking trips. The hikes, tailored to the unique composition of each group, range from 2-4 days and cover distances between 6 to 20 miles. These multi-day hikes are designed to accommodate campers of various skill levels, especially those new to backpacking overnight. For campers who are not able to participate in hiking, Teen Camp offers an alternative program filled with engaging activities during the time the group is out on the trail.


Day Hikes

To get ready for overnight hikes, Teen Camp organizes Day Hikes to several nearby locations (including some hidden gems!), all within 15 miles of the camp. The destinations for these hikes include: 

  • Southfield, MA

  • Umpachene Falls

  • Campbell’s Falls

  • Mill River, MA

  • Haystack Mountain

  • Monument Mountain


All Camp Activities

Get ready for the highlight of the day at WA WA Segowea - the All Camp Activities! This is where all campers come together to participate in a single activity. It's not just about playing; it's about building friendships outside the cabin unit, teamwork, and creating unforgettable camp memories.

What to Expect

  • Campfires and Reflections: Share songs, stories, and reflect on life at camp.

  • Games in the Woods: Capture the Flag, Scavenger Hunt, and more!

  • Team Spirit: Join an Olympic-style team and compete in sports, talents and spirit!

  • Game Shows: Will you pick Door #2 or the Mystery Box?

  • Favorites:  Talent Show & Lip Sync Battle, Arcade Night, Camp Carnival, End of Session Dance

  • And More!

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