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Leadership Camp

This month-long overnight leadership program gives teens a unique blend of personal development and teamwork. As Counselors in Training (CITs), participants not only hone their leadership skills but also enjoy an array of exciting activities and make life-long friends. Perfect for the aspiring counselor, or a teen that's already "done it all" and is looking to step up to the next level!

"My CIT year was one of the most transformative of my teenage years. I learned to take responsibility in a whole new way that carried over to life outside of camp."

- Former Leadership Camper

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Ages: 14-17

Our Leadership Camp is a month-long program specially designed for 9th and 10th grade graduates who aspire to become camp counselors. This immersive experience allows participants to develop essential leadership skills by rotating through key areas of our camp - from program planning to kitchen operations and facility management.

A highlight of this journey is the opportunity for campers to shadow an experienced cabin counselor for two weeks, where they assist with camper routines and gain hands-on experience in mentorship. For those aged 15 and above, the program also offers lifeguard training - a valuable skill during a nationwide lifeguard shortage!

Weekly classes in the Leadership Camp focus on team building and child development, providing insights and skills that are not only applicable in camp settings but also valuable in early childhood and elementary education careers. This program isn't just about camp leadership; it's about empowering young individuals with skills and experiences that they will carry with them in their future endeavors.

Leadership Activities

In Leadership Camp, here are some activities teens will have access to:

  • Daily child development & teamwork building class with CIT Director

  • Design & lead two key all-camp activities each session.

  • Participate in learning skills for key areas of camp operations: leadership, waterfront, kitchen, program, and facility maintenance.

  • Learn foundational life skills: how to change a tire, lifeguarding and water safety, how to use a drill, and activity design and implementation.

  • Experience a CIT campout once per month.

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